About this Blog:

The main purpose of this blog is to address popular controversial issues by establishing a non-bias middle ground and by using science and critical thinking to come to a definitive conclusion. You will find most of this information in the “Controversies Addressed by Science” tab. A secondary purpose for this blog is to help the average person obtain a better understanding of what science is, how it is applied, and what its limitations are. Most of this information will be found in the “Miscellaneous Topics (My thoughts)” tab under my mini science series. The tertiary purpose for this blog is for whoever may be interested in how the Bible addresses controversies. Personally, I thought it may be interesting to draw a comparison between Christian scripture and science in order to see how similar (or different) their conclusions turn out to be.

About Me:

I am currently working on my BA in psychology with an emphasis on social psychological research. I plan on pursuing a Ph.D. after I graduate. I chose science as my career because I always want to learn something new.  I have always perceived education to be the key to success. Not just “an education,” but being educated, and continuing to remain educated, which means updating yourself constantly with new information and adjusting old thoughts to fit the new. This is exactly what science does, hence why I am learning to become a scientist. I also chose the field of psychological research–as opposed to therapy–because I always want to learn new things about a variety of topics in the sciences. Research allows me to do that.

Further, I am a strong Christian. I firmly believe that the Bible is God’s word and that it is filled with truth. I also believe that among the wisdom and insight to be found there is a simple love story concerning God’s love for us: mankind. I believe Jesus Christ gave his life for everyone on earth, not because we earned it, but because He loved us enough to give the gift of salvation for whoever wants to accept it.